Part 5 - History

Your workout history is available to you at all times via the History view. Every set that you log in irondroid is saved on your device and organized by date and exercise. In irondroid, there are two ways to view your history of logged sets: either in tabular format with all exercises shown at once but only for a single date, or in graph format showing only one exercise at a time but over the course of several workouts. The former can be chosen by tapping "View Workout Logs", while the latter can be selected with "View Progress Graph". In the graph, repetitions are depicted with red bars, while the weight for each set is drawn in green. The option "Export To Spreadsheet" will export your raw data to a CSV file which can be opened in any spreadsheet application. The option "Import From Spreadsheet" will attempt to add sets to your history from any CSV file found in irondroid's data folder.

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