Part 4 - Set Log

Once you've selected an exercise - either via the body map or one of your saved routines - you can choose to start a set. This screen displays the name of the exercise and lets you enter the weight in pounds, kilograms or bodyweight, along with the number of repetitions. You can use the keypad or simply press and hold any of the add/subtract buttons. Tapping "save" will add this set to your history and immediately start a new set for you. If you go big and want your friends to know, you can post your current set to either your Twitter or Facebook feed by tapping the appropriate icon.

The first time you post a set to Twitter or Facebook, you'll be prompted to log in and grant access to irondroid. Your user name and password are never seen by irondroid, and the access granted by Twitter or Facebook will be used only to post sets you choose to share.

Optionally, you can enter the location of your gym, which will be added to the end of your post.

Remember, after posting you'll still need to save your set if you want it added to your history.

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