Part 3 - Routines

You can view your saved routines by selecting Routines from the start screen. A few samples are included to get you started. You can create a new, custom routine by typing a name next to "new" and clicking "add". Then you can select your new routine and add exercises to it.

Selecting a routine brings up the list of exercises in it. Here we see a routine that's had a few added; a newly created routine would naturally be empty. Tapping "add exercises" opens the body map, as covered in Part 2 - Exercises. From there, viewing the details of a particular exercise and tapping "add to" will add it to the routine you're building.

Notice the buttons under each exercise. Tapping "details" jumps right to the exercise instructions, and clicking "start" opens a new set log. The "remove" button removes the exercise from this routine. It will still be available to add to other routines.

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