Part 1 - Welcome

Irondroid is a weight-training log application for Android devices. In addition to a full exercise reference, it features graphing, exporting to spreadsheets, and posting to both Facebook and Twitter. With it, you can create custom weight training routines from the included reference exercises, then create daily workout logs from these routines and monitor your progress. The app is free. To install it on your device, simply search the Android Market for "irondroid". The purpose of this tutorial is to get you up and running quickly by walking you through irondroid's main features. This is the start screen. Your choices are:

A routine is a group of selected exercises. Creating a routine makes it easy to find the exercises you do often rather than hunting for them each time you want to log a set. You can organize your routines however you wish. For example, you can create routines for different days of the week or for different muscle groups.

Irondroid's main purpose is to serve as a workout log where you can enter your sets as you work your routines. This workout history is saved on your device, and can be viewed in a variety of ways, including graphs and spreadsheets.

A catalog of exercises with visual guides and detailed instructions is included. You can browse these using the "body map": a full-body depiction of the human musculature where you can view exercises for a particular muscle group simply by tapping it. Special thanks to and for allowing the use of references and illustrations featured on their sites.

Ends your irondroid session.

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